Please note that many app makers are currently affected by Apple's new guidelines. This means submitting apps to iOS may include extra fees, long delays in publication or plain rejection.

GoodBarber, an app builder based on the island of Corsica, prides itself on allowing users to create beautiful looking apps without any prior experience. Many app makers are focused primarily on features, while GoodBarber’s approach is to put design front and centre.

This does not mean that GoodBarber skimps on features, though. In fact, there are numerous content integration options available within most categories, such as: social networking, news/articles, calendars, audio/video, and eCommerce. With their latest update, they are also giving users the ability to use their app as a website with their Progressive Web App, complete with SEO descriptions and responsive design for all browsers.

Even within these integration options, GoodBarber’s aesthetic imperative is ever-present, often allowing you to select from several different layouts for each section. This, combined with the choice of more than 50 different templates (each with their own colour scheme and font style), creates a vast amount of flexibility within the design of your app and can lead to some very unique creations.

So from the outside, it's a beautiful machine, but what's happening under the hood? Let's have a look:

Find our fully detailed GoodBarber review here: http://www.apptooltester.com/reviews/goodbarber?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video-review&utm_campaign=youtu... GoodBarber V4 Review - Still One Of The Best? 2017-08-14 https://img.youtube.com/vi/c1TUW8aKSKg/hqdefault.jpg

Try GoodBarber now for free!


PWA Standard

One progressive web app with 100GB of storage.


PWA Full

One progressive web app with 200GB of storage and advanced add-ons.


Android Standard

One progressive web app and Android native app.


Android Full

Same as Standard, but with access to Advanced add-ons.


iOS Premium

Same as Android Full but with the extra option to publish to iOS.

Note: prices are for yearly subscriptions.

Choice of design templates:

Not only great looking, original templates, but the fact that they’re all highly customisable, with hundreds of fonts and feature layouts, means you can truly create a unique app to call your own.

Team management:

GoodBarber gives you the option to add anyone to your project, inviting them via a simple email. This is really useful, and with this system you can also thoroughly customise their access.


Surprisingly, GoodBarber also does well with the range of features they offer. You can find anything from Loyalty rewards to user chats and video players.

Progressive web app:

In other words, your app works as a fully-functional website with its own domain, including SEO keywords and sitemaps. They are responsive and mobile-friendly, and we have to say we are quite impressed with the results.

Overwhelming editor:

The editor can be confusing at first. Because there are quite a few concepts to understand, such as the Home section, it is slightly less intuitive than other app makers’.

Paid add-ons:

You have to pay extra for certain add-ons. For example, adding a Loyalty Card to your app will cost an extra $80 per year.

criterion rating comments

Ease of use

The editor is responsive and fast, but slightly confusing. It can take a while to understand where you edit the content, and how to edit your Home section. You should spend a couple of hours playing around with it for it all to make sense.

A nice addition is that once your trial period has ended, they offer you the chance to extend it if you’re still working on your app.

Design, flexibility and templates

GoodBarber really shines when it comes to their choice and design of templates. The editor also handles changes to the template mid-way through your project very well, without losing content. There is a great choice of connector layouts also.


The builder and site are available in 6 languages, while there are 18 app languages available to create your app in, more than most other app makers.

Platform Support




Due to Apple’s new guidelines, GoodBarber’s offer for iOS is quite expensive as it takes manual review into account.

Their progressive web apps are quite impressive though, so this could be a good cheap option if you want an app / website combo.

App features

Ad support


Ad support is available on all plans.

Push notifications


Available on all Native plans. For PWA, they only come with the PWA Full and Reseller plan.

Location-based Services


GoodBarber have a plugin that allows for Geofencing (a way to send push notifications to people when they move into an area defined by the app maker). Only available on Native apps and limited to 3 for Standard and 6 after that.


You can choose from Amazon, Shopify or Etsy integration. If you don’t have one of these, though, unfortunately you can’t create your own store/catalogue from scratch.

RSS feed options


An RSS connector allows you to add a custom feed, otherwise Blogger and WordPress are also available.

Adding your own HTML code


Goodbarber have a HTML connector in which you can link to a URL or input your own code for a customised page.

Social media integration

Yes, aside from Facebook-, Twitter- and Instagram-dedicated connectors, you have many other photo and video social integrations available.

Loyalty features


All loyalty and club card features are available as add-ons: Loyalty Card ($80 / year), Loyalty Card + Club Card ($120 / year), and Couponing ($60 / year).

Newsletter tool


No newsletter integration available.

Advanced Features

Team Management


GoodBarber is one of only a few app makers that allow you to add team members with different access levels to an app project, and it’s very useful. Not available on the ‘Basic’ plan.



iBeacons are limited to 3 on the Standard plan and 6 after that. Only for native apps. Possibly the only app maker we tested that offers it.

API available


The GoodBarber API option is included in the Premium plan, or you can pay $4 per month to include it within the other plans.



There is a mobile app viewer available, MyGoodBarber, as well as a in-editor live previewer.



On Android Full and iOS Premium, you can get GoodBarber’s analytics and Google Analytics.

Reseller Program


GoodBarber’s Native Reseller allows you to create unlimited apps for clients for only $200 a month, but you need to pay a submission fee for each iOS app.

Read more about their reseller program here.


There is a useful online help centre, and you can send questions to support. The help centre is thorough and the support staff are very helpful but can be a little slow at getting back. The GoodBarber blog is also a great resource.

Fun Factor

It takes a little while to get your head around the platform, but once you do it feels fun to play with.

Overall rating


GoodBarber really is top of its game in so many areas: the range of integration, flexibility of design, and the price is on par, if not cheaper, than most of the other app makers out there. They are also keeping ahead of the game by regularly adding new features. One of the best app makers on the market at the moment.

GoodBarber’s design ideals have paved the way for a surprisingly flexible app-making experience. Allowing for team management is a nice addition that I’m surprised isn’t more common with other app makers.

As mentioned above, no one editor is perfect, and even though GoodBarber’s is user-friendly, there are still some tweaks that could be made to make it even smoother.  For example: allowing smoother navigation between ‘adding sections’, ‘section layout’, and ‘section design’ without having to go back to the main menu each time. The Home menu can also be confusing at first, and editing your content isn’t as straightforward as with other app makers.

GoodBarber, with their flexibility, are great for a wide range of app types too. For example, if you want to create any kind of digital publication, they have some of the best features out there. Perhaps I’d try another app maker, though, for ecommerce.

We’ve reviewed a few GoodBarber versions so far, and they are consistently adding new features, which means we think they show great promise for the future. Still, for now, they offer a great balance of aesthetic-driven, user-friendly focus and features, making it one of the best app makers out there.


Try GoodBarber now for free.

Yes, you can do this from the GoodBarber back office, once you’re signed in. You basically just click a button and leave a comment as to why.
There are no charges associated with cancelling your account.

Arrow Up

Yes, the prices are per app. But you can publish this app to multiple platforms such as iOS, Android or the web.


If you want to create multiple apps (for yourself or to sell them), have a look at the Reseller option.

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Florian is a fan of great design, particularly when it comes to websites, games and apps. A technical writer by trade, he has worked with renowned tech startups and today helps people launch their own smartphone applications with the perfect app builder.
He’s also a father of two, so that’s his excuse for the peanut butter on his keyboard.
  • Thanks for the review. I have tested it and the userbility is better than in shoutem but I have been missing some functions like user pinboard and check in with geo locations.

    • Steve

      Hi Dimitri, thanks for your message. And yes, it’s true, no two app makers are the same 🙂 it really depends on the kind of features you need within your app!

      • Ian Nicholas Sharma

        Hi Dimitri. For check in feature, you can add their loyalty add ons. This gives the option for users to check in to a specified location to get certain rewards set by you. I had this done for a client of mine who owns a bar.


    I have read that GoodBarber has no native tablet app for Android devices. Being a newbie not sure how to interpret this . Does this mean the layout will not auto-size to screen size of tablet and remain only in the smartphone range etc. Sorry if this is an ignorant question just learning

    • Steve

      Hi Hilder, yes all the Android apps I’ve used in the past seem to resize to fit the tablet screen. While sometimes they might not look 100% the same, they usually all work well still. Hope this helps!

  • Ian Nicholas Sharma

    Any idea on Goodbarber’s roadmap. They are pretty secretive about it even though Im a reseller. Im hoping they would include features such as a social wall or even a public chatroom. Also to expand more on their loyalty program.

    • Steve

      Hi Ian, sorry unfortunately we know as much as you! But let us know if you find out anything 😉

      • Ian Nicholas Sharma

        Thanks Steve. Will keep you posted as soon as I have news.

    • Chris

      Worth it?

      • Ian Nicholas Sharma

        Well I think to each his own. Ive tried alot os other online app builders and though others pack alot more features, GoodBarber still provides the best tool for me with a good mix of design ui, features, flexibility and tech support. So far Im happy so long as my clients are happy. They will roll out their Open Project soon which will give designers and developers full access to their core API. This means there is no limit on what you can create when that happens.

        • Chris

          Looked into their pricing. Seems like they take a hefty charge on new features while advertising a flat fee for resellers. Pretty sneaky.

        • Chris

          As a reseller do you pay add-on features ( like loyalty and coupons) on a per app basis or a per account basis? Is there no discount from regular prices offered to resellers?

          • Steve

            Hi Chris, as a reseller you get access to the highest tier of services, which includes those add-on features you’ve mentioned. It’s just a flat rate of $200 per month for unlimited apps for all your clients, including the addition of these features to each app.

          • Chris

            Are you sure? They told me differently in an email and I am trying to confirm with them, but it takes time. Just loyalty and coupons adds an extra cost €18 per month per app according to their pricing and apparently there is no discount for resellers. So the flat fee is just a marketing trick to lure you in. Advanced features come extra. Imagine with each new advanced feature I would have to raise prices for my customers. How is that going to work?

          • Chris

            OK, I could confirm that the following costs for advanced features are added on top of the reseller fee for each app and per month. To me, that results in an absurd amount of pricing uncertainty, especially if more of exclusive features should be introduced in the future.

            * 0.05€/1000 supplemental push notifications
            ** 6€/month 25 additional Geofences
            *** 12€/month 25 additional Beacons
            **** Loyalty card: 8€/month ; Loyalty card + Club card: 12€/month Couponing: 6€/month


          • Steve

            Ok thanks for pointing that out Chris. I guess technically they’re still correct in saying that it’s advanced features with the reseller program, as all the costs and add-ons associated with the advanced plan are the same. But I agree that it’s not great to have new features being charged as add-ons constantly. It appears that Jerome has mentioned that this won’t happen with every new feature (see link below).

          • Ian Nicholas Sharma

            Hi Chris
            As a reseller. I dont pay add ons. My clients do. I charge it to my clients without taking a profit. Should my clients decide to remove that service it will be easier to manage.

          • Chris

            OK, that may work as long as the number of addons is small, but each time the company introduces new payable features, you will find yourself renegotiating with existing clients over price increases rather than winning new clients. They basically dictate you a step-up fee business model. Until your clients find the monthly costs prohibitive and jump ship.

  • Greg Kushnick

    Hi Steve,

    So I see that a directory might be possible with Good Barber, but what about user-generated reviews? Is that a complicated add-on? Thanks.

    • Steve

      Hi Greg, the only way I think you could do this would be with the article pages feature, as they allow comments or a disqus plugin…not exactly what you’re after perhaps, but could work. Might be best to ask them, as another user may have needed this in the past.

  • Kai

    Dear Steve,

    Can I ask if Goodbarber would be able to create an app beyond the basic usual shop/display apps?

    Not something complicated, but involves peer-to-peer communication.

    Something like this:
    Sports activities app
    1) Register a user
    2) Create a group/team
    3) Sign up to existing group/team
    4) Send request to other groups to play a match

    Thank you very much!

    • Steve

      Hi Kai, you could do a very basic version of this using GoodBarber’s social features I think. But I’m not sure you’d be able to ‘sign up’ to teams per se, rather you’d just create chat walls and such to see if people would like to play a match. So, probably to have all the features you want, and to work well, app makers might not be the best option I’m afraid. Get in touch with GoodBarber, though, as they might have some more ideas!

      • Kai

        thanks Steve!

  • Glenn Steers


    I own a traditional website company & social media management firm and want to resell mobile apps to my customers. I’m looking for ease of use and full feature white label options. Do you have any input on this? I’m currently considering Good Barber, AppMachine and Bizness Apps. Thanks!

    • Steve

      Hi Glenn, to be honest for the price it’s really hard to go past GoodBarber’s white label option. It’s unlimited apps for only $200 a month!
      I haven’t personally tested all app maker’s white seller programs, functionally, but based on my experience with their backends I still think GB is a good bet. I’d suggest you chat with them about it if you have any questions at all. If they don’t seem to be a perfect fit, then perhaps I’d try out Bizness Apps next.

  • Kim

    Hi Steve,
    Great site. I’m new to this idea. Do you only need to pay the monthly fee for as long as it takes to make the app or do you have to continue to pay a monthly fee after your app is completed so that you can continue to update it? Thanks.

    • Steve

      Hi Kim, thanks! You will need to continue to pay the monthly fee for as long as you want your app in the stores, as the app makers are, in a way, hosting the content of your app. And, as you mention, so you can continue to update it too.

  • Brad

    Hi Steve! Your reviews are extremely helpful. Thank you for your hard work! I’m doing research on DIY app builders for a social app. I have to include the following features. Right now I’m considering GoodBarber, AppMachine, AppInstitute, or BiznessApps. I have seen most of these features in your reviews for a few of the apps. My main concerns are an attendance tracker, group chat, and the option for users to send invitations to their friends to create an account. What do you recommend?

    Create calendar events
    Track attendance
    Integrate Instagram feed
    Ability to call/text users
    Direct message
    Group chat
    Flexibility to customize look/feel of app
    Create/customize profile
    Ability for users to send invitations to their friends to create an account
    Video updates for users (not live, I read the limitations article)

    • Steve

      Hi Brad, thanks for your message, glad you’re finding the reviews useful.
      In regards to your features, I think most should be possible with GoodBarber, except you may have issues with the following:
      Calling/texting users – this one I’m not sure if you’re referring to you being able to do this, or users. But either way, unless you gathered this information directly, then this is not possible, and definitely not possible between users. Of course you can send push notifications to your users though.
      Profiles – now this is possible, but you need to understand there is quite limited customization options available for profiles, and this is the case across all app makers we’ve reviewed.
      Send invites – this one I’m actually not sure of, so you’d have to ask GoodBarber, but I think this can be solved by adding a ‘sharing’ link within an ‘About’ section within your app.
      Video updates – I’m not sure I understand exactly what this is, do you mean video uploads from users? If so, this may be possible with GoodBarber, but only by them sending them directly to you and you uploading them on their behalf. I don’t think it’s possible for them to post videos to walls or chat.

  • sundep

    I have tried the Goodbarber for some time now, and I like it. It is easy to use, but there are some important function that I need to have in my APP.

    I have started a small business company that deliverer different crafts service to clients. Each client’s needs to be updated on work progress by PDF reports and pictures. The report will be uploaded by each craftsman or
    service engineer on each workplace to google drive or similar. Reports will be sorted under each clients. The APP needs to have an ability, or function thatlet each client get access to their reports, with a chosen password, and download reports or see project progress.

    I haven’t find out how I can solve that in the Goodbarber. I hope I can get some help?


    • Steve

      Hi Sundep, I think that there is a function available in GoodBarber that allows you, the publisher, to contact the users individually via chat. I’m pretty sure you can send them files, but I think setting every single user up with a separate password protected area might be a little too difficult with GoodBarber, and also a LOT of work for you as a publisher to keep track of. I’d suggest getting in touch with GoodBarber support though, as they may have a solution for you that I haven’t thought of. Good luck.

  • Carla Pinto

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for yourgreat review.

    In terms of monetization how is it supported? Will the options of paying for a monthly or annual subscription or pay per use (ex. music tracks) be available?

    Portuguese is one of the 6 languages available?

    thank you,


    • Steve

      Hi Carla, yes Portuguese is one of the languages available!

      In terms of monetization, this can be a bit tricky with app makers. You can make your app a paid download, of course, but subscriptions, and in-app purchases don’t work with most app makers, GoodBarber included. So if you want to monetize your app, you might need to think about it another way. Perhaps you have a free version which let’s you stream the music, and then a paid version which gives you access to download the music tracks?

      Also feel free to get in touch with GoodBarber themselves, as they may have some more ideas on monetization!

      • Carla Pinto

        Thank you Steve for the prompt reply!
        So none of the reviewed app makers will work for subscriptions or in-app purchases, correct?
        Your suggestion is good, but if I understood correctly it means having two similar versions of the same app with different features. Thank you once more, great work!

        • Steve

          Yes that’s correct Carla, although I’m not saying there aren’t ANY app makers out there that don’t offer this, just not the ones I have reviewed and have experience with, that I’m aware of.
          But yes, my suggestions would require two apps. BUT there may be a way to do this with a paid/password protected section in one app, but I don’t know so much about this with GoodBarber. But they could help you with an answer for that!

  • Brandon

    Hey Steve, very nice review. I was wondering if any of the reseller services you reviewed offer the ability to sell the entire app including hosting and all? Or would customers still be forced to host and manage with said service for the duration of apps existence ? Thanks !

    • Steve

      Hey Brandon, good question. Hmm, I’m not sure I’ve come across any from the app makers we’ve reviewed actually. I think you’d still need to keep them hosted on the service of your reseller, but I do know that GoodBarber are pretty helpful in the transition process if you do decide to remove your app from their hosting to host it somewhere else.

  • Grover Prach

    Hi Steve,
    Do any of these app creators have the feature of allowing creation of popup window with text content when a person touches on a word or symbol on the screen?

    • Steve

      Hey Grover, I don’t think I’ve come across any that have this feature. It might be possible through some custom coding, but it would depend on if this is available with the particular feature/app maker. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  • Bruno Snowevo SlideIn

    Hi Steve, do you know if any of these app makers has multilanguage function? I would like to have at least 2 languages in my app…

  • Junior king

    Hello steve, I have a company that create apps for restaurants. I was wondering if there is an app builder that offers team management band food ordering features? Good barber is very limited in that space.

  • The info on this as per pricing is wrong.

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      You’re right – we are updating them now. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Junior king

    Can you do a review on seattle clouds please?

  • MP Chirania

    can somebody help me on an issue
    i want to add picture as background of my app pages ..

  • MP Chirania

    but in old goodbarber app builder their is no option of this feature

  • Alex Pescott

    Been playing with GoodBarber last few days using an iPhone & iPad to test the Native App, however when i test the same project on an Android device my HTML content doesn’t appear at all. I wrote to GoodBarber support but they couldn’t give me a straight answer, instead just pointing me to their support pages … obviously i wouldn’t have written to them if the answer was in the documentation !!! If anyone knows why and tags don’t work on Android please share.

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Alex, sorry to hear about your technical trouble. Unfortunately we don’t have the answer either, but we’ll keep your comment here so hopefully another user can help.

      One thing to note is that GoodBarber are currently migrating to a new version so these could just be temporary glitches.

      • Alex Pescott

        Hi Florian do you know when GoodBarber are migrating to a new version ?


        • Florian (Tooltester Network)

          So as far as I understand, all new users (last 2 weeks or so) were sent straight to v4. If you have created your app(s) before that it would be with v3.

          They are currently creating a migration tool for v3 users but not sure when it will be deployed. I’ve also asked them about your issue as the support is usually very good – will keep you posted!

          • Alex Pescott

            Thanks Florian i’ll write to him now … apparently v3 works perfectly but our don’t appear in v4 on Android. Perhaps its an easy fix !

  • Kelly Solomon

    Hi Steve, thanks alot for the review and the work that you do, its great!
    I’ve been testing out GB to become a reseller. I have a client who owns a barber store and needs an online appt booking tool. Is haven’t found anything in GB connectors that comes close. What do you suggest?

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Kelly, all the booking features we’ve seen in GoodBarber redirect users to an online booking form. If that’s ok for your client, they are very easy to integrate and they work great.

      However, if your client really needs in-app booking, it might be worth looking at AppInstitute or Swiftic for example. There are some good examples of in-app booking on this page.

  • Carlos Albuquerque

    Hi Steve. I am considering GoodBarber, but the most important feature that I am looking for my application is a default search by distance. I mean, the search will show a list of banners (each banner is a (in-app) link to a different local business promotional ad/coupon), the search will show the list of banners according to the business distance from the location of the phone, from the closest to the furthest (not alphabetical order).

    I know that geo location for user’s phone is possible with GB, but I cannot find answers about the “search results by distance from the mobile device” (instead of alphabetical order), do you find this to be possible after your testing GB?

    • Hi Carlos! Good news, what you are trying to achieve is indeed possible with GoodBarber. Here’s a screenshot from the app we created. It provides a list of museums ordered by distance. The user can also switch to map view. In this example it displays the distance by kilometres but I am sure it’s also possible to show miles. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a1e2dbc550a51c343bf68108f23540d9790b25d426f49b235b72644bca9d99f8.jpg

      • Carlos Albuquerque

        Thank you Robert. You guys are very cool. This was the fasted response I had within a few weeks of my lasted hard handover of contacting services, freelancers, agencies etc…
        You guys do a good work. Thank you. I’ll check you out when I go to Barcelona.

        • Glad to hear that 🙂 We take our comment section very serious indeed. Please do check us out when you are here!

  • Aube Media

    Hi Steve. I’m currently a reseller with another service, but looking to see if there’s another great app builder out there. I need an app builder that is able to let users search through posts users have made by putting their Twitter or Facebook credentials into the app. For example, if my app has people rating their favorite cars, and posting commentary and a photo about their selection, I’d like other users to be able to search for “Mercedes” or “BMW” or what have you, and have any posts mentioning those cars pop up for them. Can the GoodBarber platform handle this?

    • Hi there! I don’t think this will be possible with GoodBarber. The search function doesn’t seem to go through comments. But on Monday I’ll get confirmation with Florian who is our new expert for app makers.

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi – confirming what Robert said. I asked GoodBarber and the search function cannot target the comments. Moreover, Facebook changed its API which means none of the app makers can offer total FB integration any longer. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • David Dow

    Hi, I want to use cloud conferencing such as zoom.us on my app. Can you recommend a builder that could accommodate?

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi David, sorry I’ve not come across a solution that integrates with zoom natively. It will require custom coding.

      • David Dow

        Thanks for the reply Florian, to be more specific do you know if any of the popular app builders support webrtc?

        • Florian (Tooltester Network)

          Here again, sorry but not to my knowledge. App makers usually have their own basic communication system for messaging, so this would also be a custom solution.

  • Smart Kids

    Hi I have seen the siberian cms it is also a app maker and with onetime
    payment, is that ok?? for making apps please check and confirm if
    possible as i want to buy the onetime paid software to make apps but the
    problem is that, i am unable to see the sample apps made with their
    software so please if possible look into that and intimate me as i want
    to buy that it will fit in my budget. Thank you very much for your time

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)


      Siberian is on our list of potential reviews, and we will let you know when we get to it. In the meantime, it looks like Siberian has a free edition for editing one app – maybe start with that to see if it’s right for you?

  • Jun

    Hello AppTT,
    I ve been reading most of your reviews and have contacted each individual company asking for this specific feature but I have no luck so far 🙁

    I am looking for a feature that allows devices to interact user input data with each other live but it is not chat feature I am looking for. App user will be asked to input data at the startup, and with those data, devices running the app(with only specific group of people, not all global app users) can interact with each other. User input data will be dictionary i.e basic text and number and descriptions e.g. an item from store with price. I also need a way to save those user input data somewhere, maybe cloud and can be accessed when logged in with credentials.

    Thank you for reading. My appreciation goes to all of you who are trying to help the development community.

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Jun,

      thanks for taking the time to research our site. GoodBarber does offer a robust user segmentation feature that includes messaging. But for the initial step of matching users based on certain data it sounds like you’re going to need some custom development. This is especially true if you want to store a big database, even if it’s just text and numbers. Hope this helps!

  • Dean M

    I have added the map tool from GB but I want to let users edit map points (e.g. like yelp, users can add points of interest along with reviews etc). Is that possible with Goodbarber and if not, are there any other app builders that would allow that?

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Dean,

      I’m afraid I don’t know of any app maker with that function. The best solution would be to create a form so users can submit their location manually. You will still have to input that data yourself in the backend.

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi again Dean,

      I just got an email from a company called Axelerio who specialises in creating custom plugins for GoodBarber. They actually have a plugin called Self Publishing Maps that allows users to do exactly what you need. It’s worth contacting them for more info!

  • Michael Cohen

    can’t access their site from israel…why is that ?

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Michael, we just tried with a VPN and it worked fine. Maybe you hit a server downtime?

  • Moe A

    Hi Steve, Do you know any app maker which can help us create Cinema / Theatre Booking App using dynamic booking by clicking on the seats in a sating map?

    Thank you in advance

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Moe,

      unfortunately I’ve never come across this kind of template – but it should be possible with a bit of custom code. If you do choose GoodBarber, we can recommend Axelerio for custom plugins (it is ran by a team of ex GoodBarber engineers).

  • Realist

    I just read a release by GoodBarber indicating that Apple will not allow apps from GoodBarber to be published to the App Store – ouch… moving on…

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi – we were made aware of this submission issue and are in direct contact with GoodBarber about it. We’ve been told they are dealing with it so we’ll keep you updated as soon as possible about any new developments

  • Kray Z Hype

    i started using Good Barber as a trial, but they just lost their ability to publish apps to iOS Apple. Is this the same for all of the template based Companies shown on this site? Apple made a statement during the last update about template based developed apps.

    • Ted

      I have the same question with Kray.

      • Florian (Tooltester Network)

        Hey – just to say I responded above. Hope this answers your question!

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Kray & Ted, as far as we know, only GoodBarber is affected at the moment. We’re hoping it’s just a temporary thing as they are in talks with Apple about it. Of course we’ll let you know as soon as we have more info.

      • Ted

        GoodBarber is easy to use, I hope it can be back soon. Thank you for your reply.

  • They WAS great. We are still paying monthly for the service for our clients but are thinking of discontinuing it. because they now cannot submit the apps to Apple. This is what Goodbarber says:
    “Right after the WWDC17 conference, Apple modified its rules
    regarding which apps are accepted into the App Store. Apple is now
    rejecting all apps created with an app builder on the basis of rule
    4.2.6, which states : “Apps created from a commercialized template or
    app generation service will be rejected”. Unfortunately GoodBarber has
    been affected by this new rule, as of Friday, July 21.”Only reason we are still with them is they are pretty transparent about all of this at least in our control panel supplying us with information abut what is going on and what they are doing to try and fix the problem so we are in a wait and see mode right now to see if it gets sorted out.

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)


      unfortunately we are all in the same boat and waiting for Apple’s decision regarding GoodBarber. But you are right, they do seem to be transparent about what’s going on, which is still a big plus in our book.

      I am actually writing a detailed post with up-to-date information regarding all the app makers, so we can keep our users informed about any new developments.

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi – just to add that we wrote this article on the topic. Hopefully it will give you all the answers you need. We’ll be updating it as often as possible.

  • Zubair Durrani

    1. Can I get the whole source code of my app from goodbarber?
    2. And how about the storage for my contents basically I want to make a music app so I need much space?

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Zubair,

      for complete source code, app makers aren’t the best answer, unless you use something a bit more technical like Siberian CMS. However, GoodBarber has a very good audio and podcast streaming function so you could store your music on Soundcloud and links to it for example. The only audio that users can save to listen offline are Podcasts.

      • Zubair Durrani

        Thank you for reply Florian
        I meant hosting storage how much good barber allows ?
        These app makers are pretty good but I worry for future what if my app go to big market and I have to take all responsibility by myself that time I wouldn’t be able to make some new features like to use some programming languages in it etc

        • Florian (Tooltester Network)

          Hi again, each app is guaranteed 50 Gb of storage. If you just want to use GoodBarber to start, you can still export all your content once you stop subscribing to the service. This does not mean code, but simply the text, images and audio you add.

          • Zubair Durrani

            Oh thank you Florian for giving my your precious time
            You solved all my confusions

      • Zubair Durrani

        I even visit Configure IT they give full deployment of back-end but I’m confused
        But I like good barber because they give even website like platform and Configure IT for backend deployment

  • Alfred

    Currently Goodbarber has gone down in customer service, and in productivity, because you can not send app to the appstore … and apparently they will want to charge 450 dollars to send your app to the Apple Store.

    Copy literarl of web goodbarber prices:

    “App Store submission

    The iOS version of your applicaiton is built and published by us, under your own developer account. In order to make sure your project complies with the App Store guidelines, our team will carry out a thorough assessment of it before getting started with the submission process. This step, which is mandatory before any submission to the App Store, implies manual, human intervention, and is billed at $ 450 for 4 submissions (initial submission + 3 updates). We are committed to completing this assessment process within 72 business hours. ”

    Very sad 🙁

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Alfred,

      sorry to hear you are caught in these submissions trouble. The whole app maker industry is affected at the moment. We’ve written a full post on the subject here, hopefully it can answer some of your questions.

  • Hi Florian,

    Im new to this app maker industry and just want to understand If I create an app with Good Barber and later after a year or so If I need the source code of my app would I be able to get it to take to some other developers to add / edit / modify the features?

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Mohsin,

      There is an option to develop custom features within GoodBarber so that could work for you. Some companies also offer custom development, and we can recommend axeler.io as it was started by ex GoodBarber engineers.

      Alternatively, you could look at Siberian CMS. It’s a bit harder to setup, but you get complete ownership over the source code.

      Hope this helps!

  • Sam H

    They have more than doubled their pricing since your review. Also, there are dozens of bugs and a large amount of usability issues inside the product that aren’t evident on a first glance but only when you actually start using it. I would be very careful.

    • Florian (Tooltester Network)

      Hi Sam, they have completely changed their pricing due to issues with Apple’s new guidelines. We were waiting a bit to see if things go back to normal, but we’ll update the prices soon.